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From sunny, Las Vegas, Nevada, this is the blog of Marc Elliot Hall, leader and system engineer extraordinaire.

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Sun, 01 Apr 2012


We've had several consecutive days of above freezing weather here in Anchorage. The roads have mostly cleared of ice, although a few patches of black ice hide in the shadows. The sidewalks are occasionally a bit dangerous, but since the second or third day of the thaw they've been much less icy.

Folks here in Alaska call this "break up", and it's much like you'd expect from a phrase like that — you never know what the mood of the weather will be; you never know what you're about to put your foot in; and you never know when you're going to embarrass yourself by falling on your butt.

Generally, though, it's shirt-sleeve-warm and pleasant for mid-day walks, at least for a larger guy like me. But when the sun sets at around 8:30 p.m., it doesn't take long for it to get quite chilly. The puddles ice over in about thirty minutes and footing is treacherous from not long after that until an hour after sunrise at about 8:30 a.m. .

When I go on my early evening walks, I keep an eye out for scenery worth sharing — during break up, there's not much of that, because the snow is an ugly brown and the roads are a wet black. There's not much that's photogenic about Anchorage right now. 

However, I did catch a couple of glimpses of spring greenery this week. Here are a couple of blades of grass just trying to poke out of the cold, damp earth.


Hope springs eternal! 


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